Multi Biz Solutions - Project - Sanober Educational Academy

PROJECT: Sanober Educational Academy

TYPE: Scholl (Montessori to High Level)

LOCATION: Karachi – Pakistan


A Hyderabad based family approached us to find some lucrative business idea with a small investment. We proposed them to setup a school in Karachi as this field had a lot of potential. Hence, they hired us to prepare a feasibility study. Based on our feasibility report they came up and asked if we can setup this project on turnkey basis. Here the journey of their success started. Following the highlights of the project and our services:

  • Finding out a rental premises March, 2003
  • Development of logo, documents, syllabus and course guidelines for teaching staff completed by end of April, 2003
  • Hiring and training of staff completed by middle of May, 2003
  • Admissions campaign started from May 16, 2003 and completed by end August, 2003
  • During the admission classes started from August 16, 2003
  • Creation and development of examination and result system in September 2003
  • Conducting mid-term examination and reports distribution May 2004
  • For further growth SMS & E-Mail Marketing started in 2004
  • Facebook page and Youtube Channel creation and management 2005
  • Running Facebook Ads and Google Ads 2006
  • Planning and strategy as well as management of their Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony  for the first time in 2007
  • School Management Software started working during 2007
  • Early 2008 was the year to setup computer and science labs
  • School was registered as High school during 2008
  • Installation of security and fire fighting systems during 2010

With our continuous efforts and management’s support the project paid back within three years of its setup i.e. 2007. However due to massive COVID lockdown in the year 2020 it was not feasible for the management to continue the project hence they sold it in running condition.

Multi Biz Solutions - Project - Sanober Educational Academy
Multi Biz Solutions – Project – Sanober Educational Academy