Animal Feed Production Plant

We specialize in installing Animal Feed Production Plant on a turnkey basis. Our expertise ensures seamless project completion. We handle everything from design to installation. Trust us for comprehensive feed production solutions. Experience hassle-free setup with our team.

  • Fast Production: The plant produces animal feed on very high speed. There are different types of plants ranging from 10 MTons per hour to 120 MTons per hour.
  • Feed Type: Produces palletized feed in different shapes and sizes.
  • Feed Category: Can produce feed for various animals and birds like Camel, Cow, Buffalo, Goat, Chicken, Kitten, Dogs, Fish etc.
  • Automation: Fully automatic requiring minimum human interaction.
  • User-Friendly: Made to be user-friendly and doesn’t require extensive training for the operators.
  • Project: Animal Feed Pallet Production Line
  • Power Requirement: 381.57 KW Per Hour
  • Capacity: 8 to 12 Tons Per Hour
  • Process: Receiving and pre-cleaning, crushing, batching, mixing, pelletizing, cooling, screening, auto-packing
  • Motors: Siemens motors for all main machines
  • Bearings: SKF Bearings for crusher and pelletizer
  • Certifications: CE, ISO
  • Key Point: Computer dosing system
  • Workers required to operate plant: 5 to 7 Persons
  • Occupied Area: Length 14 Meters x Width 14 Meters x Height 26 Meters
  • Installation with Training Time: 90 Days

Contact us to know more about this project and it’s total cost. Please mention your desired per capacity (Tons/Hour), available land area for the project, total investment outlay available, your country for project installation.

Our turnkey installation services for Animal Feed Production Plant offer unparalleled expertise and efficiency. With our seamless project management from design to installation, we ensure a hassle-free experience for our clients. Trust in our commitment to quality and excellence as we deliver comprehensive feed production solutions tailored to your needs. Let us be your partner in achieving success in the animal feed industry.